When Should You Purchase Restaurant Insurance?

When starting up a restaurant, acquiring insurance may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this is one of the areas of your restaurant that you should not overlook. Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX can help you through various calamities that might occur unexpectedly in your restaurant. We provide insurance options for multiple situations. Here are more details on what we offer.

What Are the Types of Coverage Offered by Outdoor Insurance in The Woodlands, TX?

Some of the commercial insurance options recommended include:

Employee’s Coverage

Workers will need good compensation in cases whereby they get hurt as they work on the restaurant premises or during a car accident as they do their daily activities. Cases of burns, cuts, slips, and falls are very common in restaurants thus the employee coverage is there to cover medical expenses. However, to reduce the cost of workers compensation, it is good to reinforce safety precautions to protect workers.

General Liability

Under this category, we provide protection for any restaurant operation cases whereby there are bodily injuries, personal injuries, and property damages. Accidents such as slip and falls within the restaurant may fall under this category (general liability). This might also cover the company vehicle if you own one. However, in some cases, this might fall under the commercial automobile insurance policy. Ensure you confirm this with our insurance agents.

Property Insurance

Outdoor Insurance Services provides policy protection in cases such as fires and vandalism. This can happen either willingly or unwillingly. However, we do not include coverage for incidents such as earthquakes and floods. In such cases, additional policies will be needed.

Which Are the Additional Covers Offered?

One can also consider acquiring a liquor liability policy if he/she is planning on selling liquor in the restaurant. This will chip in by protecting you in cases where one of your customers has too much to drink and gets into an accident after driving while drunk.

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