Three things you should know about bar insurance

As with running any other type of business, running a bar involves certain risks. Bar owners need to invest in bar insurance coverage to protect themselves against these risks. Outdoor Insurance Services provides bar insurance policies in The Woodlands, TX.

The following are three things you should know about bar insurance if you own a bar. 

Bar insurance is specifically designed to provide commercial coverage for bar owners.

Running a bar is a unique business endeavor. The risks you face might differ significantly from those of a restaurant owner or a business owner in another industry. Bar insurance meets the needs of bar owners specifically. That’s why bar owners need to invest in this type of coverage. 

Bar insurance can provide coverage for many potential expenses.

A bar insurance policy can offer numerous types of commercial coverage. These include general liability coverage, liquor liability coverage, assault, and battery liability coverage, and product liability coverage.

At the same time, bar insurance coverage can also include more typical types of commercial coverage like worker’s compensation insurance coverage, commercial property coverage, and commercial auto insurance coverage. 

There are numerous factors that impact bar insurance premiums.

The amount of bar insurance costs vary widely depending on the individual bar. There are many different factors that influence costs.

Some of the factors that can influence bar insurance costs include the type of bar, the city, or geographic location in which the bar is located, and the history of the particular business.

Certain factors like whether or not you host live entertainment like band performances can also influence your bar insurance premium costs. 

Learn more about bar insurance in The Woodlands, TX by getting in touch with us at Outdoor Insurance Services. 

what every new restaurant owner should know about restaurant insurance

Owning a restaurant in the Woodlands, TX comes with many challenges. From hiring the right employees to satisfying your customers, a restaurant business requires a lot of patience and dedication. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we understand that it is not easy to deal with people; that is why we recommend buying adequate restaurant insurance. If you are planning to start a restaurant, here are a few tips to help you out.

Know the coverages you need and the risks involved

You will not be able to protect or run your restaurant smoothly if you do not know what you’re up against. Running a restaurant means dealing with many people in one place. A lot can happen to your customers, such as food poisoning, slips, falls, injuries, and theft. You need to be adequately prepared to handle such situations in case they happen. For this reason, you may need to buy enough liability coverage, workers’ compensation, commercial property insurance, and crime insurance.

Identify the factors that affect the cost of coverage

When it comes to insuring a hospitality business in The Woodlands TX, insurance providers have to consider several factors before making a price decision. That is why you will be asked dozens of questions, which you must answer truthfully. Insurance companies also conduct research based on your answers before making a final decision. Some of the factors include:

  • Where the restaurant is located
  • Hours of operation
  • The size of the restaurant
  • Type of property
  • Levels of coverage 
  • Los history
  • Activities taking place 
  • Years in business
  • Number of employees 

Read and understand the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of an insurance policy are the most critical. Read and re-read until everything is clear. Determine the inclusions and exclusions of the coverage while also checking how claims can be handled.

Some factors can make or break your restaurant venture. Having a form of coverage is one of the best ways to protect your business. Let Outdoor Insurance Services help you through the process. Feel free to speak to us today.

What Texas Restaurant Owners Should Know About Maintaining Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in the cleanliness and maintenance of your The Woodlands, TX restaurant. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we strive to provide our clients with restaurant insurance, the best tips to maintain their ventilation system quality, and advice on how to operate under healthy and clean conditions. 

Remove Build-Up

A daily cleaning around these vents is essential to prevent a build-up film of grease or other particles that could damage the fan. After the kitchen has closed for the evening and is being cleaned for the next day’s operation, using a degreasing cleaner to remove this build-up will eliminate a blockage for the airflow. This also eliminates any outstanding odors from the vents. 

Weekly Fan Check

Check the ventilation fans weekly for proper operation. Having these fans functioning at full capacity is essential for matriculating the air to the outside of the restaurant. These fans are needed to move the air out of the kitchen and restaurant area to maintain the safety of the kitchen should a grease fire erupt, and smoke begins to build. 

Annual Inspection

Each year, a ventilation specialist should come by your restaurant and inspect the hoods, fans, and ventilation system to ensure that it is working at its maximum potential. It is smart that you meet the Department of Health requirements, but also for the safety of your restaurant and employees. This inspection will determine if there are any faults in the system and if they can be quickly replaced, ensuring that your kitchen is fully operational. 

Protect Your Restaurant Today

Have your kitchen staff perform these daily, weekly, and annual tasks to ensure that your ventilation system is in working condition. If you own a restaurant Woodlands, TX or a nearby area and are looking for restaurants insurance, contact one of our agents at Outdoor Insurance Services today for more information and a quote. 

Why is Having Bar Insurance a Good Idea?

Owning a bar is a dream that many people have. For those that have a bar in the Woodlands, TX area, making sure that their bar is properly covered and protected is important. One of the best ways to do this is with a quality bar insurance policy. There are several reasons why having bar insurance is a good option.

Provides Liability Protection

One of the main reasons why you should have bar insurance is that it will provide you with liability protection. Whenever you are serving alcohol in a property that you own or manage, you are taking on a lot of responsibility for everyone that is in your place of business. If there is an accident in your bar, or if a patron is involved in an accident after leaving your bar, you could be found liable. A liability policy in your bar insurance will provide you with protection against these situations.

Covers Real Estate

When you have bar insurance you will also receive protection for the real estate. A full bar insurance policy will also provide protection if your asset is vandalized, damaged by a fire, or experiences another type of loss.


Finally, having bar insurance is normally a requirement under a variety of agreements. Having this insurance will be required by a landlord, mortgage lender, working capital lender, and the local zoning boards. Not carrying this type of coverage could put you into violation with these agreements and put your entire business at risk.

If you own or manage a bar in the Woodlands, TX area, speaking with Outdoor Insurance Services would be a good option. The team at Outdoor Insurance Services could help you to better understand your insurance needs and make sure that you find a great policy. 

When Should You Purchase Restaurant Insurance?

When starting up a restaurant, acquiring insurance may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this is one of the areas of your restaurant that you should not overlook. Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX can help you through various calamities that might occur unexpectedly in your restaurant. We provide insurance options for multiple situations. Here are more details on what we offer.

What Are the Types of Coverage Offered by Outdoor Insurance in The Woodlands, TX?

Some of the commercial insurance options recommended include:

Employee’s Coverage

Workers will need good compensation in cases whereby they get hurt as they work on the restaurant premises or during a car accident as they do their daily activities. Cases of burns, cuts, slips, and falls are very common in restaurants thus the employee coverage is there to cover medical expenses. However, to reduce the cost of workers compensation, it is good to reinforce safety precautions to protect workers.

General Liability

Under this category, we provide protection for any restaurant operation cases whereby there are bodily injuries, personal injuries, and property damages. Accidents such as slip and falls within the restaurant may fall under this category (general liability). This might also cover the company vehicle if you own one. However, in some cases, this might fall under the commercial automobile insurance policy. Ensure you confirm this with our insurance agents.

Property Insurance

Outdoor Insurance Services provides policy protection in cases such as fires and vandalism. This can happen either willingly or unwillingly. However, we do not include coverage for incidents such as earthquakes and floods. In such cases, additional policies will be needed.

Which Are the Additional Covers Offered?

One can also consider acquiring a liquor liability policy if he/she is planning on selling liquor in the restaurant. This will chip in by protecting you in cases where one of your customers has too much to drink and gets into an accident after driving while drunk.

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