Home Insurance Made Easier with Assistance from an Independent Agency

Homeowner’s insurance is something that must not be taken lightly. You will want to talk to an expert such as someone from Outdoor Insurance Services of The Woodlands, TX so that you have help navigating the complicated matters.

Have Your Insurance In Hand Early On

Yes, it’s ideal that you have your home insurance before you close on your new house. If this just isn’t possible or you already have one and are looking to change companies, consider a small local agency. They’ll provide you with one-on-one personalized services to help you find the insurance policy and terms that you need.

Be Proactive with Your Home Insurance

You don’t want to give up your decision on which company to go with for your insurance. Your lender may pressure you to choose quickly and even tell you which agency if you don’t already have one. The problem with this is that they might not be suited to your particular situation, and you won’t have the benefit of knowing for sure that they have your best interests in mind.

Knowledge of the Community

It’s great if you get insurance through an agency that already has strong ties to the community. If they’ve been in business for a while, know your neighborhood or city well and can anticipate changes, this is a definite plus. You should work with an agent who can explain coverage gaps and if certain riders would help your situation.

Reach Out to Your Local Independent Agency

Contact an agent at Outdoor Insurance Services for an agency that will work with you to customize a home insurance policy. Use the online form or give the office a call to get a quote.

Tips for buying home insurance in The Woodlands

Buying home insurance can be as daunting as buying a home itself. It’s not unusual to get frustrated and overwhelmed through the processes. To save you the trouble, Outdoor Insurance Services in the Woodlands, TX recommends shopping for a home insurance policy as soon as your offer for purchase has been approved. We have lined up a few tips to guide you through the process.

Determine how much insurance you need

Probably the first step is to check your budget alongside the amount of home insurance you need. Different homes have different quotations. This is profoundly affected by the home value and the content value inside the house. Therefore, it is prudent to speak with one of our insurance experts to help you buy the correct coverage for your home.

Buy insurance immediately

Most first time home buyers aren’t often keen about purchasing home insurance. Some have the idea that a new home doesn’t need insurance immediately. However, those buying on a mortgage are required to produce insurance documents before the loan is serviced. Buying insurance is time-consuming; if you wait till the last minute, you may end up scrambling to get insured or dealing with delays on providing the bank with your insurance details.

Check for discounts

Make sure you are receiving as many discounts as possible. One smart way to do this is bundling up multiple policies with one provider. For instance, you could bundle a car, boat, motorcycle, umbrella, and home policy from Outdoor Insurance Services. You will need to ask whether such discounts are available.

Buying a home is the largest financial step one can take. Protecting it and its occupants should be your prime priority. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we are here to help. Visit us in The Woodlands, TX today, and our service team will be happy to help.


What is my covered and not covered by my homeowners insurance

Many of The Woodlands, TX residents have homeowners insurance– also known as HO-3 that covers multiple perils in case of accidents that may cause massive damage. However, very few individuals are aware of what the basic policy covers and what it doesn’t. It is quite critical to know some of these exclusions in order to look for alternative solutions. Outdoor Insurance Services will help you go through the list.

What is covered

  • The dwelling: This coverage covers the structure of the home where you live.
  • Other structures: If there are other structures like the garage, shed or fence, this coverage helps protect them.
  • Liability protection: In the event that someone not living with you is injured, this coverage helps pay for the legal fees as well as the medical costs.
  • Personal property: Your clothes, furniture, electronics and basically most items in your house are covered in this coverage in case of a fire or theft

What is not covered

  • Water damage and earthquakes: Most insurance policies do not cover earthquakes or sinkholes and other water-related damages like floods. Sewers are also not covered.
  • Maintenance: If you break your sofa, your insurance company cannot replace it as it is not covered.
  • Jewelry and expensive art: There are limitations on how much coverage you can get for expensive items. However, you can purchase separate insurance for these items.
  • Dog attacks: If your dog is hurt or hurts you, you will be responsible for the medical costs as dog bites are not covered.
  • Destroyed or stolen cash: It is quite difficult to convince your insurance company that you had cash without valid evidence

If you still feel you need to cover some of the above perils that are not covered, you can still find alternative ways of securing them. For instance, some private companies offer flood insurance. Visit us at Outdoor Insurance Services located in The Woodlands, TX to help you with more alternatives.