Product Liability Insurance for Craft Breweries: What It Does and How It Helps

Product liability insurance protects businesses from the financial repercussions of problems related to the items they sell. For the burgeoning craft brewery industry in the Woodlands, TX area, this important coverage can make the difference between a small inconvenience and a business-ending catastrophe.

What does a product liability contract from Outdoor Insurance Services do for your craft brewery?

  • The brewing process is easily disrupted by a variety of factors. These disruptions can cause variations in production that affect the quality of the final product. If a consumer claims that a batch of your potions made them ill, your product liability coverage helps pay for lawyers and other court-ordered costs that could wipe out your cash flow without it.
  • Your equipment is another essential part of your business. However, defective installations or poor craftsmanship can endanger employees and consumers. Even if the problem doesn’t start with you, you may still bear a large portion of the burden from any damage sustained from faulty equipment. Your product liability coverage may be a factor in helping you overcome equipment-related product injury issues.
  • Did the label printer forget to add required warnings or make untrue claims that came back to bite you? In those cases, product liability can help you navigate any legal repercussions related to defective warnings or instructions.

Product liability is a part of your general commercial liability coverage. However, you have control over each element of coverage. Talk to the commercial coverage experts at Outdoor Insurance Services to learn how product liability insurance can help your brewery in the Woodlands, TX area thrive and survive through almost any product-related problem.