Liability Coverage for Wineries

Wineries need the same insurance any business would need to cover potential loss to things like buildings, product, and providing fire protection. Liability is also a concern and is a little different with wineries than a lot of other industries. Outdoor Insurance Services of The Woodlands, TX can help you sort out the best policy for your situation.

What to look for

There could be some liability issues from things like product spoilage or product contamination, which other industries might not have. There are also risks of things like equipment breaking down, bad weather, supply breakdowns and natural events that you don’t have control over.

One might think having wine tastings would be a risk because alcohol is being served. These events are usually well controlled, however, and are not traditionally associated with other events. That makes them less of a liability in most cases.

Working with the wine itself creates a more considerable liability concern. The valuation of the wine, leaking, and mechanical breakdowns could cause problems that could lead to liability. The risk of contamination could cause liability, and though the chances of that are remote, it is a liability issue that should be addressed.

Wineries are a complicated business because in some ways they are several businesses in one. There is the farming operation then there is the winemaking operation, and finally the selling operation. Each of those has its own issues when it comes to insurance. It is good to get insurance from an agency that is familiar with the industry and understands what your needs really are. A company like Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX is a company that understands your needs and can make sure you have the coverage you need. Stop by and visit them to discuss your insurance policy, or visit them online.