How Distilleries Insurance Protects Your Inventory

One of the growing businesses throughout Texas and the rest of the United States is the opening of distilleries. Creating your own spirits and serving to guests can be a rewarding experience. However, certain expenses come with such business, such as inventory. Distillery Insurance is a critical investment that provides coverage for your product in addition to equipment and liability. Outdoor Insurance Services proudly offers distillery insurance to distilleries in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. 

Inventory Coverage

Like any other business in the restaurant and bar industry, inventory is required for operation, and its protection is as essential as any other coverage offered. Without inventory, a distillery business is not operational. Damages to inventory and theft are some of the unforeseen circumstances around your inventory and they need to be covered. 

Maintaining Equipment

Proper equipment to maintain the quality of your ingredients is essential in your distillery. In the event that your equipment malfunctions or has an accident that causes damage, your equipment and inventory will be covered and eligible to be replaced. Such a policy allows your distillery to continue operations and to serve quality spirits to customers. 


Unfortunately, like any other industry, distilleries can find their business in a situation that requires liability coverage. Liability damages can be costly, and often inventory quality is the first to suffer due to these costs. Because your operation is covered with distilleries insurance, your situation may be covered, and the quality of your inventory will not suffer due to unfortunate circumstances. 

Get Your Policy Today

If you own a distillery and would like you to protect your inventory completely, Contact an agent at Outdoor Insurance Services for a distilleries insurance policy today. With the popularity of distilleries developing in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas, protecting your inventory is essential for your business to be successfully competitive.