What Does Distilleries Insurance Cover

As a distillery owner, you realize that there are lots of things that can happen that would hurt your business. A distillery is a very specific type of business, and having insurance that is explicitly designed for a distillery is important. At Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX, the staff is knowledgeable in all types of business insurance, and we can help you to find the coverage you need to keep your business up and running.

Distilleries insurance is a specific type of commercial insurance. Thus it is not one size fits all any more than regular commercial insurance would be. If you have a lender or landlord, they may require that you carry property and liability insurance. But if you don’t, no state or federal regulations are requesting that you have anything except perhaps workers compensation insurance if you have employees. 

Property insurance will protect the place where you are operating but also your product. With a distillery, the product that you are producing has to be matured. It has a value that needs to be understood by an expert.

A barrel leak could cause a loss that might devastate your business. You need coverage for the production equipment and office equipment as well. If you have a tasting room, you need to consider liquor liability as part of your coverage in addition to the regular liability. If you have vehicles, you will need commercial vehicle insurance. 

Often having a distillery is a dream come true. Distillery insurance can help maintain that dream. Whether you are looking for your first distillery insurance policy or are ready to change agencies, at Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX, we are prepared to give you the assistance you need to be sure that you have the coverage you need. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.