A Thorough Overview Of Craft Breweries Insurance

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Craft Breweries Insurance Overview

More craft breweries are starting to emerge throughout Texas. Craft breweries stand out from the crowd due to their unique tastes, aroma, and development process. If you have a craft brewery in The Woodlands, TX area, it’s important that you protect your investment. Craft Breweries Insurance allows you to protect every aspect of your brewery. The policy acts as a safety net if you suffer an unexpected loss. You’ll be covered if your tank explodes or starts leaking. You will also be covered in other parts of your equipment start to break down. There is also the threat of your beverages being contaminated. The policy covers your brewery if an outbreak causes contamination.

Liability coverage is a major asset, especially if you have any tasting rooms that are open to the public or if you are hosting some special events. You will be protected if a patron gets injured while visiting the brewery. Make sure that all of your servers are certified to handle alcohol. It’s important that your employees are protected as well. The policy covers your brewery if one of your employees is injured in the workplace. This is especially important if your employees handle large equipment such as forklifts on a regular basis. You can also amend your policy to cover your business related vehicles as you travel around to different restaurants. The policy protects your business vehicles if they are damaged or stolen.

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What Does Distilleries Insurance Cover

As a distillery owner, you realize that there are lots of things that can happen that would hurt your business. A distillery is a very specific type of business, and having insurance that is explicitly designed for a distillery is important. At Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX, the staff is knowledgeable in all types of business insurance, and we can help you to find the coverage you need to keep your business up and running.

Distilleries insurance is a specific type of commercial insurance. Thus it is not one size fits all any more than regular commercial insurance would be. If you have a lender or landlord, they may require that you carry property and liability insurance. But if you don’t, no state or federal regulations are requesting that you have anything except perhaps workers compensation insurance if you have employees. 

Property insurance will protect the place where you are operating but also your product. With a distillery, the product that you are producing has to be matured. It has a value that needs to be understood by an expert.

A barrel leak could cause a loss that might devastate your business. You need coverage for the production equipment and office equipment as well. If you have a tasting room, you need to consider liquor liability as part of your coverage in addition to the regular liability. If you have vehicles, you will need commercial vehicle insurance. 

Often having a distillery is a dream come true. Distillery insurance can help maintain that dream. Whether you are looking for your first distillery insurance policy or are ready to change agencies, at Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX, we are prepared to give you the assistance you need to be sure that you have the coverage you need. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

Why You Should Have Specialized Insurance For Your Winery

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Vineyards Are On The Rise Across The Nation, and Specialized Insurance is More Important Than Ever. 

If you own a vineyard then you know all the hard work that is required to produce quality fruit for your winery. No one wants to lose any income at any time of the year. However, for many vineyard growers, the risks are always there threatening their way of life.  

Running a winery requires skill in many areas, and it requires so many things to come together perfectly time and time again, this is why specialized winery insurance is vital for the business owner in Texas who wants to make sure that they can keep on growing and producing product no matter what life throws at the farm. If you have a season that is too rainy it can affect the production and taste of the batch as much as a too dry season. Bugs, birds, and even people can cause damage to the crop, and there are about a dozen other factors from mechanical failure to worker strikes that can cause the fruit to stay on the vine instead of coming in for production. Even when it all works out perfectly and you have great wine to offer, tastings and clients offer their own liability factors. No worries, just contact us about an insurance policy that is written just for the many factors that are individual to wineries. 

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Product Liability Insurance for Craft Breweries: What It Does and How It Helps

Product liability insurance protects businesses from the financial repercussions of problems related to the items they sell. For the burgeoning craft brewery industry in the Woodlands, TX area, this important coverage can make the difference between a small inconvenience and a business-ending catastrophe.

What does a product liability contract from Outdoor Insurance Services do for your craft brewery?

  • The brewing process is easily disrupted by a variety of factors. These disruptions can cause variations in production that affect the quality of the final product. If a consumer claims that a batch of your potions made them ill, your product liability coverage helps pay for lawyers and other court-ordered costs that could wipe out your cash flow without it.
  • Your equipment is another essential part of your business. However, defective installations or poor craftsmanship can endanger employees and consumers. Even if the problem doesn’t start with you, you may still bear a large portion of the burden from any damage sustained from faulty equipment. Your product liability coverage may be a factor in helping you overcome equipment-related product injury issues.
  • Did the label printer forget to add required warnings or make untrue claims that came back to bite you? In those cases, product liability can help you navigate any legal repercussions related to defective warnings or instructions.

Product liability is a part of your general commercial liability coverage. However, you have control over each element of coverage. Talk to the commercial coverage experts at Outdoor Insurance Services to learn how product liability insurance can help your brewery in the Woodlands, TX area thrive and survive through almost any product-related problem.

Responsibilities of Security Personnel in Bars

People who provide security at a bar have a full plate of responsibilities. Their overall aim, of course, is the protection of the bar’s staff, its patrons, and its property.

If you are the owner of a bar or tavern, you can turn to Outdoor Insurance Services for expert insurance guidance. We serve The Woodlands, TX, and we will do our best to get you the right coverage to protect your assets.

When patrons enter a bar, security personnel check IDs, identify people who may cause trouble, and ensure that the cover charge has been paid. While customers are enjoying their alcoholic beverages, these employees monitor their behavior to keep the social environment orderly.

In instances where patrons are disruptive, security personnel must try to diffuse the situation by using the verbal or hands-on skills that training has prepared them for. Sometimes these employees notice actions that might cause trouble. At other times, other employees alert security when services for handling unsettling matters calmly are called for.

Other jobs for security staff at a bar are handling crowd control and keeping the fire exits accessible. If customers and staff have to be evacuated swiftly, these employees can guide them to exits. 

The people on security duty also have to stay vigilant about the cash registers because theft is a threat. They are also aware that bottles of liquor are at risk of disappearing. 

Sometimes, even with the best security in place, you, as a bar owner in The Woodlands, TX will face legal action for what happened inside or outside your establishment. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we invite you to contact us to discuss the coverage that will protect you should your business face litigation.


How Distilleries Insurance Protects Your Inventory

One of the growing businesses throughout Texas and the rest of the United States is the opening of distilleries. Creating your own spirits and serving to guests can be a rewarding experience. However, certain expenses come with such business, such as inventory. Distillery Insurance is a critical investment that provides coverage for your product in addition to equipment and liability. Outdoor Insurance Services proudly offers distillery insurance to distilleries in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. 

Inventory Coverage

Like any other business in the restaurant and bar industry, inventory is required for operation, and its protection is as essential as any other coverage offered. Without inventory, a distillery business is not operational. Damages to inventory and theft are some of the unforeseen circumstances around your inventory and they need to be covered. 

Maintaining Equipment

Proper equipment to maintain the quality of your ingredients is essential in your distillery. In the event that your equipment malfunctions or has an accident that causes damage, your equipment and inventory will be covered and eligible to be replaced. Such a policy allows your distillery to continue operations and to serve quality spirits to customers. 


Unfortunately, like any other industry, distilleries can find their business in a situation that requires liability coverage. Liability damages can be costly, and often inventory quality is the first to suffer due to these costs. Because your operation is covered with distilleries insurance, your situation may be covered, and the quality of your inventory will not suffer due to unfortunate circumstances. 

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Liability Coverage for Wineries

Wineries need the same insurance any business would need to cover potential loss to things like buildings, product, and providing fire protection. Liability is also a concern and is a little different with wineries than a lot of other industries. Outdoor Insurance Services of The Woodlands, TX can help you sort out the best policy for your situation.

What to look for

There could be some liability issues from things like product spoilage or product contamination, which other industries might not have. There are also risks of things like equipment breaking down, bad weather, supply breakdowns and natural events that you don’t have control over.

One might think having wine tastings would be a risk because alcohol is being served. These events are usually well controlled, however, and are not traditionally associated with other events. That makes them less of a liability in most cases.

Working with the wine itself creates a more considerable liability concern. The valuation of the wine, leaking, and mechanical breakdowns could cause problems that could lead to liability. The risk of contamination could cause liability, and though the chances of that are remote, it is a liability issue that should be addressed.

Wineries are a complicated business because in some ways they are several businesses in one. There is the farming operation then there is the winemaking operation, and finally the selling operation. Each of those has its own issues when it comes to insurance. It is good to get insurance from an agency that is familiar with the industry and understands what your needs really are. A company like Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX is a company that understands your needs and can make sure you have the coverage you need. Stop by and visit them to discuss your insurance policy, or visit them online.

What Are The Risks Of Operating A Craft Brewery

In the late eighteen hundreds, there were more than 3,000 breweries in the United States, almost all of which were shut down during prohibition. The history of craft brewing in America has its roots in the late 1970s in North America. Starting a home brewery was a hobby, and it still is. A home mini brewery started a trend to establish a new tradition of home-brewed beer styles, such as Ales, Ambers, Lagers, Stouts, Darks, and Wheats. Some of these styles have a 7000-year history. 

Today, the mini breweries or craft brewery have left the home garages and basements to enter the marketplace. Craft brewers have skyrocketed from eight in 1980 to over 6,000 in 2018, starting this new tradition of unique beer styles. As with any other product sold for public consumption, the Craft Brewery industry has had to cope with the business and potential health risks created by the mass production of beers. These are the same risks encountered by restaurants, bars, and grills in Houston and the Woodlands, TX area.

Common Craft Brewery risks include the brewery equipment tanks leaking or becoming damaged. Further, the equipment may fail to operate producing contaminated food-grade water, loss of the product, damages to the property of customers, or the customers themselves, possible risks due to drinking alcohol, all of which will cause substantial financial risks. Further risks include the loss of your key person, the Brewmaster as well as dealing with employee behavior, such as theft and injuries. 

A Risk Management System should be developed which is designed for identifying common physical hazards, respond to a crisis, hiring practices, and workplace safety. The typical special insurance needs, other than state and federal requirements, will include General Liability, Distillers Bonds, Liquor Liability, Equipment Breakdown, Business Interruption, Spoilage & Contamination, Product Recall, Tank Leakage, and Workers Compensation. 

The agents of Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX will design an insurance and Risk Management system specifically designed to meet your needs.  Please call!