What Texas Restaurant Owners Should Know About Maintaining Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in the cleanliness and maintenance of your The Woodlands, TX restaurant. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we strive to provide our clients with restaurant insurance, the best tips to maintain their ventilation system quality, and advice on how to operate under healthy and clean conditions. 

Remove Build-Up

A daily cleaning around these vents is essential to prevent a build-up film of grease or other particles that could damage the fan. After the kitchen has closed for the evening and is being cleaned for the next day’s operation, using a degreasing cleaner to remove this build-up will eliminate a blockage for the airflow. This also eliminates any outstanding odors from the vents. 

Weekly Fan Check

Check the ventilation fans weekly for proper operation. Having these fans functioning at full capacity is essential for matriculating the air to the outside of the restaurant. These fans are needed to move the air out of the kitchen and restaurant area to maintain the safety of the kitchen should a grease fire erupt, and smoke begins to build. 

Annual Inspection

Each year, a ventilation specialist should come by your restaurant and inspect the hoods, fans, and ventilation system to ensure that it is working at its maximum potential. It is smart that you meet the Department of Health requirements, but also for the safety of your restaurant and employees. This inspection will determine if there are any faults in the system and if they can be quickly replaced, ensuring that your kitchen is fully operational. 

Protect Your Restaurant Today

Have your kitchen staff perform these daily, weekly, and annual tasks to ensure that your ventilation system is in working condition. If you own a restaurant Woodlands, TX or a nearby area and are looking for restaurants insurance, contact one of our agents at Outdoor Insurance Services today for more information and a quote.