RV Parks Insurance Defined

Outdoor Insurance Services, servicing The Woodlands, TX, wants to tell you about a type of insurance you probably hear little about – camping facilities insurance, also called RV park insurance. As the owner or operator/manager of an RV campground or park, you need the right insurance coverage to protect your investment. This varies by state, so if you previously owned or operated a site in another state, know that the Texas requirements differ.

While you can obtain general liability insurance in many places, you reduce your risk by purchasing a policy from an agency like Outdoor Insurance Services that specializes in RV park insurance. This also reduces your costs.

These policies protect everything a camping or RV park offers, including the guest amenities of these vacation destinations such as boats, canoes, miniature golf courses, horseshoe pit games, playgrounds, swimming pools, and fishing docks. The property insurance component also protects the shower houses, restroom facilities, laundry facilities as well as retail outlets such as a general store, bar, restaurant, gift shop, LP gas sales, and service station. Property coverage extends to the structure and contents.

RV park insurance also includes general liability insurance that protects the park from the many types of accidents that can occur from fender benders to drownings at pool or lake. These accidents require in-or out-of-court settlements to pay the medical bills of the injured party or to cover the deceased person’s funeral. This policy works in tandem with an auto policy.

Parks allowing or selling liquor need liquor insurance. Every RV park should have endorsements for “trailers in the care, custody, and control of the park owner,” as well as umbrella insurance to extend coverage limits. Ask us about an endorsement for trailer spotting, equine activity, watercraft, and coverage for special events.

Outdoor Insurance Services servicing The Woodlands, TX wants your business to run safely and securely. Call us today to get started with a specialized insurance package to protect your RV park.