Should I Purchase Home Insurance in Houston, TX?

Owning a home is a beautiful thing. However, many expenses come with homeownership. One and the most important one is purchasing home insurance. Locking your home and installing security cameras doesn’t guarantee safety because some risks are beyond your control. That’s why home insurance comes in handy for all homeowners.

While it is natural to ask whether purchasing home insurance in Houston, TX is necessary. There are several reasons why it’s a crucial protection tool for your home. Outdoor Insurance Services understands your questions and has prepared for you reasons why you should purchase home insurance. Let’s explore. 

It protects your assets

If you are like many, your home is the most valuable asset. Unfortunately, one unthinkable event can occur and leave you vulnerable without home insurance. Home insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home in the event of a covered hazard.

Protects you against liability

Accidents do happen, and if a third-party member gets injured in the confines of your property, your home insurance steps in to pay for the resulting damage. Home insurance covers hospital bills or lawsuits if you get sued.

Protects your personal belongings

Besides covering the structure, home insurance protects your personal belongings. Your belongings like ornaments, furniture, clothing, and electronic appliances are what makes a house a home. You want to have your belongings safeguarded in case of an unfortunate event, and that’s what home insurance will do for you.

Compensates for temporary living expenses

If a covered peril damages your home, making it unlivable, home insurance will put you in a temporary place as the repairs or rebuilding is ongoing. 

Home insurance in Houston TX

There you have it. Purchasing home insurance is a no-brainer if you value your assets. To get the right coverage that protects you fully, talk to your insurer. For those in Houston, TX and its environs, be sure to contact Outdoor Insurance Services for an affordable quote.

What is the Benefit of Having RV Park Owners / Operators Insurance in Texas?

Those that are in the Houston, TX area likely know that there are many active people in the area that enjoy outdoor activities. This can include camping and exploring the area in an RV. Due to this, there is a continued demand for RV parks in the area. This can make owning and operating an RV a good idea. Along with this, you should get RV owners and operations insurance as it offers several benefits.

Liability Protection

One of the advantages of having RV owners and operations insurance is that it will give you liability support. Whenever you own any type of business, including an RV park, there is always a chance that you could be held liable for an accident. If you get the right insurance for it, you can offset this risk with proper liability coverage.

Cover Park Assets

You also should get RV owners and operations insurance to cover your park assets. There are various assets that you will need to invest in like an RV park owner or operator. Losing these could be detrimental to your business moving forward. If you have the right insurance in place, you are going to have coverage if these assets are stolen or damaged and need replacement. 

If you are an owner or manager of an RV park in the Houston, TX area, you will need to make sure that you get the right insurance for it. When you are looking for this type of coverage, it would be helpful for you to call Outdoor Insurance Services. There are many choices to make when looking for this unique coverage and Outdoor Insurance Services can help you build a plan that will protect you and your RV park. 

What You Need to Know About Craft Breweries Insurance and Its Protection

If you own a craft brewery, it’s important to have it insured, and to get the best insurance coverage for your investment; you need to understand what it involves. Brewery insurance is complicated, but with the right insurer, you are guaranteed a good policy. Outdoor Insurance Services in Houston, TX, offers Craft Breweries Insurance for business owners.

What Does Craft Breweries Insurance Cover?

A standard brewery insurance policy has four components. It offers coverages for general liability, liquor liability, miscellaneous coverage, and property coverage.

General liability coverage is just like basic liability insurance as it protects you from any legal accountability for things that happen on the property or any business-related interactions.

Property coverage is the most common to most brewery owners. This coverage protects the building, the tasting bar up front, and the equipment used for brewing. In case your equipment breaks down, this coverage also includes Boiler and Machinery coverage.

Liquor liability is essential coverage for all craft breweries. As the majority of the breweries serve their liquor on-site, this coverage protects you from and responsibility for accidents caused by intoxicated clients. In case you are sued for negligence, this coverage pays for legal expenses.

Miscellaneous coverage is an all-inclusive coverage for delivery cars, business auto, Crime, and Fidelity insurance, Excess liability insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, and Employment Practices Liability Insurance. It comes in handy when you run out of general liability coverage.

Every brewery owner and operator needs to have a craft brewery insurance policy for industry-specific coverage. This form of insurance protects your brewery against unexpected losses and incidents that cause financial losses. Brewery Insurance also offers protection for;

  • Business property coverage
  • Workers’ compensation coverage
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Product contamination
  • Tank collapse and leakage coverage

Depending on the nature and operation of your brewery, you may get additional coverages to complement your Craft Brewery insurance. If you are a brewery owner in Houston, TX looking for an insurance agent to insure your business, Outdoor Insurance Services can help with that.

Why Your Bar Needs a Liquor Liability Insurance Policy

Restaurants, bars, and various other forms of establishments that sell alcoholic drinks tend to bring together people for fun and entertainment. However, in the event that an incident occurs, you need to ensure that your Houston, TX business is properly protected. You can do this with a liquor liability insurance policy from Outdoor Insurance Services. 

Who Even Needs Liquor Liability Insurance?

If your business makes, serves, or sells alcohol, you need this type of insurance. So, if you own or run a restaurant, bar, nightclub, winery, or distillery, you should seriously consider investing in this type of policy.

With intoxicated patrons, people are more likely to get into fights and get injured. With this type of insurance policy, you won’t need to concern yourself with the legal or financial responsibility of the related consequences.

What Does Liquor Liability Insurance Cover?

This type of insurance covers two primary forms of damages: 1) personal injuries and property damage caused by intoxicated individuals; and 2) the legal costs you’ll be required to pay in order to defend yourself and your establishment against lawsuits that may arise as a result of those incidents.

For instance, if an intoxicated patron stumbles and knocks the phone of a friend onto the ground, your insurance is likely to cover the repairs of that phone as well as any medical expenses that may arise. In addition, liquor liability insurance tends to cover damages caused by battery, sexual adult, and even drunk driving collisions.

What Does Liquor Liability Insurance Not Cover?

Although this is an important insurance policy for your business, it simply won’t cover everything your business will encounter. For instance, if you have individuals in your establishment who are underage and drinking alcohol and end up getting hurt, your policy will not provide coverage for these losses. It is up to you to ensure each customer provides you with a valid ID.

In the event that a customer slips, falls, and breaks a table, your policy will not provide coverage for damage to your own business property. You will simply be responsible for purchasing a brand-new table out of your own pocket. In addition, it won’t cover libel, slander, and the like.

If you have questions about liquor liability insurance or would like to invest in this type of policy to help protect your establishment, contact an agent at Outdoor Insurance Services. Serving the Houston, TX area, our insurance company can help your liquor establishment obtain the insurance coverage it needs to operate with a little bit of peace of mind.

What protection does restaurant insurance provide?

Owning a small business is risky. Restaurants are particularly vulnerable to the many vagaries out there. Having commercial insurance offers a layer of protection that makes it more difficult for things to cause your business to fail. At Outdoor Insurance Services in Houston, TX, we aspire to be the insurance agency you turn to when you want the best service and insurance products. No matter what you need, we want to be there for you. 

Like most commercial insurance, restaurant insurance is designed to cover the risks that your particular business may face. One of the primary types of commercial insurance that almost every business can benefit from is liability insurance. Liability insurance protects small businesses from lawsuits brought against them. Restaurants are vulnerable on a bunch of different fronts. It can be a slip and fall accident, food poisoning, employment practices and if you serve alcohol, that makes you even more vulnerable. 

Commercial property insurance is also very much something that a  restaurant needs to worry about. You can’t produce food if any of your equipment is damaged. You also can lose power when a covered hazard hits and the food that you have in your fridge and freezer may be lost. Fire is a particular hazard for restaurants and can damage not only the kitchen but the dining area. 

Business interruption insurance is also something that a restaurant can count on to help survive something like a fire or the damage from a tornado. If you aren’t selling any meals, it is hard to pay rent, bills, and payroll. Business interruption insurance can give you the boost you need when times are rough. Bills and payroll don’t stop just because your income has dried up. 

Contact Outdoor Insurance Services in Houston, TX with all your commercial restaurant insurance needs.

How Can I Benefit From Flood Insurance?

Floods cause vast amounts of damage in the United States, and Houston, TX is one of those areas that gets hit by major flooding affecting the people staying there. Most people assume that home insurance covers floods, but once they learn that is not the case, they become devastated. To avoid these disappointments, you should consider getting flood insurance. There are many ways it will benefit you and your home, and as Outdoor Insurance Services explains, some of those benefits are as follows.

Protect Your Property

Picture how much your home costs. A home is one of the most expensive assets that anyone has, with a value of thousands of dollars. Even a little bit of water getting inside can cause unimaginable damage, setting you back financially. However, this is something you will not have to worry about if you have flood insurance as damages are covered.

Gives You Peace of Mind

People living in flood-prone areas are always worried about the loss they will suffer if there is flooding. Even the slightest hint from the weatherman that a storm is approaching might give you sleepless nights. However, instead of the constant worry, you can purchase flood insurance and rest easy knowing that even if your home floods, you will be compensated for the loss you go through.

Protect Your Loved Ones

Your home is a safe place for your family members. Imagine if your home was affected by floods today. Do you have a backup plan for where you and your loved one will go? There is also the process of rebuilding that might take time, especially if you lack the finances. Flood insurance should be your backup plan, where you will be able to recover fast and keep your loved ones safe.

Residents of  Houston, TX, who want to enjoy these benefits and many others can contact Outdoor Insurance Services for assistance. Our agents will help ensure you can minimize the effects of floods in your home.

Debunking Myths on RV Insurance in Texas

When you are purchasing RV parks insurance, it can be a confusing job. With so many classes of motorhomes, needs for your RV, and even varying requirements for your own unique RV lifestyle, RV insurance can feel mind boggling.

At Outdoor Insurance Services, we’ve been serving The Woodlands, TX community with their RV parks insurance for years. We can help you to design the policy that you need.
Before you choose an RV parks insurance policy, we debunk the most common RV insurance myths.

Motorhomes and RVs are Covered by Your Auto Insurance

If your RV has a motor and you drive it, you will need to have insurance on it. It will be designed like an auto insurance policy, but it is your RV insurance policy. Still, this policy does not cover everything in the RV, or accessories such as satellite dishes. 

RV Insurance Covers Contents and Property

This is not necessarily a myth, because it really depends on what kind of RV or motorhome you have, and even what you use it for. If you are using RV insurance for RV parks and you spend a lot of time there, you’re going to have that included in your policy.
This gets confusing because sometimes people have their RVs parked at home, and their homeowner’s insurance can cover some property in the RV. It won’t cover things like plumbing, and furniture, that is what your RV insurance would cover.

In a park, you’ll need more thorough coverage for more complete coverage.

Your Current Roadside Assistance Plan Covers RV Parks

It might, it might not. You want to check the fine print before you make the trip and change your RV insurance policy accordingly. A lot of RV insurance policies will have Roadside Assistance, and you may even have your own plan like AAA.

However, your AAA or another roadside plan will have stipulations such as how long a trailer or motorhome they might cover. You may not know that until you need assistance, and that’s going to be a bad time to find that out.

Build an RV Insurance Policy

You want to look forward to your RV parks adventure this year, and next year, and you should. Build an RV parks insurance policy that will provide every coverage that you need. At Outdoor Insurance Services we want The Woodlands, TX community to have all of the RV coverage that they need. Call us for a quote today.

Home Insurance Add-ons To Consider

Home insurance protects you against many perils, including theft, fire, vandalism, and so forth. Unfortunately, just like other coverages, home insurance isn’t entirely perfect- it has limitations and exclusions. For this reason, you need add-ons (endorsements) to boost your home insurance coverage. 

If you are in The Woodlands, TX, and would like to get the most out of your home insurance policy, Outdoor Insurance Services shares add-ons to consider for your home insurance coverage.

Flood damage

Typical home insurance doesn’t protect your home against natural water flooding. If you live in a flood-prone area, you need to invest in flood insurance to protect your home against flooding that can cause costly damages.  

Umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance provides extra protection when your home insurance liability coverage runs out. For instance, if someone falls off your balcony and sustains severe head injuries, umbrella insurance can help cover medical costs and possible lawsuits when your liability coverage is exhausted.

Jewelry and valuables coverage

While your home insurance protects your high-value items like art, jewelry, and fur, the protection is limited. As such, you need to consider a rider to protect your high-value items from perils like theft and fire. 

Underground services line

If damage occurs from the underground utility lines on your property, home insurance doesn’t cover you. That said, you need an endorsement to protect you when tree roots or over-age service lines cave in and cause damage to your home. 

Earthquake coverage

Without an earthquake endorsement, you may have to incur out-of-pocket expenses to repair your home and remove debris when an earthquake strikes. If your house is located in an earthquake-prone area, you need this endorsement for optimal protection. 

Home insurance in The Woodlands, TX

Would you like to boost your home insurance plan with additional riders? Please contact Outdoor Insurance Services for an affordable quote.

4 Risks of Driving Without Auto Insurance

While auto insurance is a vital investment to have, can you imagine there are motorists in The Woodlands, TX, and other parts of America that drive without insurance? You are considered to be at the default of auto insurance if you drive without the state-required coverage or drive with none at all. While it sounds unbelievable that one can go without insurance, it happens, but the consequences are dire. Here is a rundown of the risks you incur by not purchasing auto insurance.

Be prepared to pay heavy fines and penalties 

When you fail to buy auto insurance from Outdoor Insurance Services in Texas, you will pay between $175 and $350 if you are a first offender. If you are caught with the same offense again, fines can be anywhere between $350 and $1,000. Additional penalties include license revocation and vehicle impoundment. Why would you go through this, whereas the average cost of auto insurance is close to the penalties you pay for driving without coverage?

Incur financial losses

Perhaps, this is the most common reason why you should carry auto insurance. Comprehensive and collision coverages pay for damages to your car, deterring you from financing car repairs from your pocket. Additionally, the liability coverage shields you from paying damages caused to other motorists. Without auto insurance, you are expected to cater for your damages and those you cause to other persons from your finances.

Exposure to liability claims

Auto insurance shields you from legal suits for accidents you are deemed liable. When you fail to carry auto insurance, you may have to finance legal costs, settlement claims, and other liability claims from your pocket. 

No peace of mind

While you can’t prevent accidents 100 percent, auto insurance provides you with peace of mind while driving. However, without auto insurance, you keep worrying about the eventualities of an auto accident — your ride is never calm and relaxed.

Buy car insurance today!

Are you looking for auto insurance in Woodlands, TX? Please contact Outdoor Insurance Services for an affordable quote.

3 Tips for Purchasing Hunting Insurance

Hunting can be a dangerous sport. While most hunters take safety courses and know basic safety protocols, inherent dangers must be considered and planned for. One of the best ways to plan for these is by purchasing hunting insurance from Outdoor Insurance Services.

However, when purchasing this coverage in The Woodlands, TX, you may need a few tips to get proper coverage for your needs. Keep reading to learn what these tips are.

1. Know What You Need

When purchasing hunting insurance, knowing the type and amount of coverage you need is a must. Take some time to figure out what level of coverage is adequate and why you may need more or less than the recommended minimums.

2. Compare the Options

Before purchasing hunting insurance, it is good to compare policies from the top two to three providers. Remember, it is never a good idea to go with the lowest price. Before choosing, compare the quotes, what is covered, what isn’t covered, and deductibles. In some cases, the best policy will be the one offered at the lowest price, but this is not always the case.

3. Work with the Professionals

Any time you need insurance, working with a professional in the industry can be beneficial for anything, including hunting insurance. This individual will help you determine what you need and help you find a policy for an affordable price.

When it comes to hunting insurance, there are many factors to consider. Finding the right policy is something that takes time and effort but is well worth it in the long run. For help making this purchase, consult with the team at Outdoor Insurance Services. This company serves those in and around The Woodlands, TX, area. Having proper insurance coverage can protect you and others who are hunting.