Responsibilities of Security Personnel in Bars

People who provide security at a bar have a full plate of responsibilities. Their overall aim, of course, is the protection of the bar’s staff, its patrons, and its property.

If you are the owner of a bar or tavern, you can turn to Outdoor Insurance Services for expert insurance guidance. We serve The Woodlands, TX, and we will do our best to get you the right coverage to protect your assets.

When patrons enter a bar, security personnel check IDs, identify people who may cause trouble, and ensure that the cover charge has been paid. While customers are enjoying their alcoholic beverages, these employees monitor their behavior to keep the social environment orderly.

In instances where patrons are disruptive, security personnel must try to diffuse the situation by using the verbal or hands-on skills that training has prepared them for. Sometimes these employees notice actions that might cause trouble. At other times, other employees alert security when services for handling unsettling matters calmly are called for.

Other jobs for security staff at a bar are handling crowd control and keeping the fire exits accessible. If customers and staff have to be evacuated swiftly, these employees can guide them to exits. 

The people on security duty also have to stay vigilant about the cash registers because theft is a threat. They are also aware that bottles of liquor are at risk of disappearing. 

Sometimes, even with the best security in place, you, as a bar owner in The Woodlands, TX will face legal action for what happened inside or outside your establishment. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we invite you to contact us to discuss the coverage that will protect you should your business face litigation.


What Texas Restaurant Owners Should Know About Maintaining Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in the cleanliness and maintenance of your The Woodlands, TX restaurant. At Outdoor Insurance Services, we strive to provide our clients with restaurant insurance, the best tips to maintain their ventilation system quality, and advice on how to operate under healthy and clean conditions. 

Remove Build-Up

A daily cleaning around these vents is essential to prevent a build-up film of grease or other particles that could damage the fan. After the kitchen has closed for the evening and is being cleaned for the next day’s operation, using a degreasing cleaner to remove this build-up will eliminate a blockage for the airflow. This also eliminates any outstanding odors from the vents. 

Weekly Fan Check

Check the ventilation fans weekly for proper operation. Having these fans functioning at full capacity is essential for matriculating the air to the outside of the restaurant. These fans are needed to move the air out of the kitchen and restaurant area to maintain the safety of the kitchen should a grease fire erupt, and smoke begins to build. 

Annual Inspection

Each year, a ventilation specialist should come by your restaurant and inspect the hoods, fans, and ventilation system to ensure that it is working at its maximum potential. It is smart that you meet the Department of Health requirements, but also for the safety of your restaurant and employees. This inspection will determine if there are any faults in the system and if they can be quickly replaced, ensuring that your kitchen is fully operational. 

Protect Your Restaurant Today

Have your kitchen staff perform these daily, weekly, and annual tasks to ensure that your ventilation system is in working condition. If you own a restaurant Woodlands, TX or a nearby area and are looking for restaurants insurance, contact one of our agents at Outdoor Insurance Services today for more information and a quote. 

Assessing Your Need for Flood Insurance

You’ve probably watched on the news how many people lost their homes due to torrential downpours. Although the extent of the damage varies greatly from house to house, it often exceeds the funds a family has to repair or replace. Flood insurance protects individuals, but it’s not necessary for all homeowners. At Outdoor Insurance Services, serving The Woodlands, TX and the nearby region, we can help you determine if flood insurance is necessary for you. 

Assess Your Risk

Keep in mind, even if you’re at a higher elevation, floods can damage the bottom structure of your home and cause it to collapse. You also want to take into consideration that water can seep into your home and cause damage to your basement.

You want to take into consideration the average rainfall in your area as well as how often storms occur. You want to take into consideration the type of storms that affect your area. It’s also important to think about the worst-case scenario. If your standard policy doesn’t cover the damage, you’ll need to pay out of pocket. If you can’t afford it, you could find yourself struggling to figure out how to repair the damage.

Consider What the Policy Offers

Policies vary regarding what they cover and how much of it they cover. It’s important to consider what the policy covers and if it’s enough. If you’re worried about a specific area of your home getting damaged by flooding, you want to make sure the policy covers it. Sometimes, flood policies are limited. You also want to consider that even if you’re not in a high-risk area, you could experience flood damage.

Contact Outdoor Insurance Services, serving The Woodlands, TX and nearby area, for a quote for flood insurance by calling us at 832-497-5312. 

3 Things You Can Do To Secure Your RV and Prevent Break Ins

If you live in the Woodlands, TX area and have an RV that you take camping, it’s important to understand how you can prevent break-ins and theft. The agents of Outdoor Insurance Services offer RV insurance to their clients who own a recreational vehicle and like to take it on adventures throughout the year. The key is making sure the RV, your family, and your possessions are fully protected.

Always Lock Your Doors

Keeping your doors locked is the best way to prevent break-ins. While many RV owners don’t like to rely on the manufacturer’s locks, you can always have them changed. Putting in new locks means there is less likely that someone will be able to use a skeleton key to gain entry.

Keep Windows Locked and Shades Drawn

Always keep your windows locked and the shades drawn when you are not in the RV. Drawing the shades prevents would-be intruders from seeing what’s inside. They are less likely to risk a break-in if they can’t see anything valuable. 

Install a Security Alarm

Security systems are available for your RV just like they are for your car. Have one professionally installed to reduce your risk of a break-in. Security systems are affordable and can be installed within a few minutes time.

The agents at Outdoor Insurance Services offer residents who live in The Woodlands, TX area advice on how to protect their RV and other personal property from theft while they are enjoying the great outdoors.  You can schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience or stop by the office and talk to one of the agents. They have the answers you need!

What is my covered and not covered by my homeowners insurance

Many of The Woodlands, TX residents have homeowners insurance– also known as HO-3 that covers multiple perils in case of accidents that may cause massive damage. However, very few individuals are aware of what the basic policy covers and what it doesn’t. It is quite critical to know some of these exclusions in order to look for alternative solutions. Outdoor Insurance Services will help you go through the list.

What is covered

  • The dwelling: This coverage covers the structure of the home where you live.
  • Other structures: If there are other structures like the garage, shed or fence, this coverage helps protect them.
  • Liability protection: In the event that someone not living with you is injured, this coverage helps pay for the legal fees as well as the medical costs.
  • Personal property: Your clothes, furniture, electronics and basically most items in your house are covered in this coverage in case of a fire or theft

What is not covered

  • Water damage and earthquakes: Most insurance policies do not cover earthquakes or sinkholes and other water-related damages like floods. Sewers are also not covered.
  • Maintenance: If you break your sofa, your insurance company cannot replace it as it is not covered.
  • Jewelry and expensive art: There are limitations on how much coverage you can get for expensive items. However, you can purchase separate insurance for these items.
  • Dog attacks: If your dog is hurt or hurts you, you will be responsible for the medical costs as dog bites are not covered.
  • Destroyed or stolen cash: It is quite difficult to convince your insurance company that you had cash without valid evidence

If you still feel you need to cover some of the above perils that are not covered, you can still find alternative ways of securing them. For instance, some private companies offer flood insurance. Visit us at Outdoor Insurance Services located in The Woodlands, TX to help you with more alternatives.

5 Myths about Auto Insurance

Auto insurance myths can cause you to make costly mistakes in purchasing a policy. At Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX, we’ll help you separate auto insurance truth from fiction so you can make wise choices concerning your coverage. Here are five myths to watch out for when buying auto insurance coverage.

Myth: Some vehicle colors are more expensive to insure than others.

Color has no effect on the cost of auto insurance. Other aspects of your vehicle such as make and model, engine type, age, safety features, sticker price and risk of being stolen do affect the cost of your policy.

Myth: Older drivers pay more for auto insurance.

Actually, older drivers often qualify for discounts on their premium due to their driving experience. Seniors who drive less due to retirement and those with good driving records are often eligible for discounts on their policy.

Myth: Credit rating doesn’t affect auto insurance costs.

Actually, many insurers consider your credit rating when quoting you a price for auto insurance. Good credit rating shows you’re responsible in managing your finances. This level of responsibility could extend to your driving, making you less of a risk for accidents.

Myth: If another driver causes an accident while driving your vehicle, his insurance will cover damages.

In most all states, auto insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. If a friend or relative causes an accident while driving your vehicle, your insurance will be responsible for damages.

Myth: Auto insurance is optional.

Most all states require minimum auto liability coverage to cover the cost of injuries or property damage to others if you cause an accident. Collision and comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle is optional. If you took out a loan for your vehicle, your lender may require this coverage.

For quality auto insurance at affordable costs, contact us at Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX.

What is covered by hunting insurance?

Hunting is a common recreational activity in our part of the country; however, it does have dangers that include accidental shootings as well as just about anything that can happen when one is walking or driving in the wilderness. Outdoor Insurance Services serving The Woodlands, TX would like to explain that whether you are an individual hunter, a hunting club, or a landowner who leases land to hunters, carrying hunting insurance is a wise move. Thus, if an accident or other unfortunate incident occurs, the policy should provide coverage for expenses such as medical care and legal costs.

As a rule, a good hunting insurance policy should cover mishaps involving the tools of hunting, especially firearms, but also hunting dogs, ATVs, and tree stands. It should also cover mishaps that can occur from just being in the wilderness, including wildfires, encounters with predator animals, and trips and falls. A good policy should also cover injuries resulting from disagreements between hunters, including members of a hunting club and their guests. A hunting policy will also likely spell out the maximin amount that will be paid out for a fixed period, i.e. the duration of a hunting trip.

Remember that when considering which hunting policy to buy, you should be aware of any exclusions that might be included. If an incident is excluded, the policyholder might be faced with considerable out-of-pocket expenses.

Carrying a hunting policy will provide peace of mind that ensures a weekend of recreation and adventure does not turn into an expensive headache.

For any questions concerning hunting insurance, feel free to contact Outdoor Insurance Services, serving The Woodlands, TX.

How do I protect myself from loss if my livestock are destroyed in a weather-related incident?

Ranchers and farmers who live in the Woodlands, TX area can call Outdoor Insurance Services and talk to one of our reputable agents if they have questions concerning insurance to protect their livelihood. They can provide all of the details a livestock owner needs in what is required to protect their livestock and crops fully. While many types of liability can be prevented, other types cannot. Whether the loss is weather-related or not, it’s essential to be fully informed at all times. 

Protect Your Livestock

As a farmer and rancher, it’s important to know how to maintain the safety of your livestock correctly. Providing ample food and water are only two of the most important necessities. An adequate shelter must also be provided to keep your livestock out of the hot, Texas sun. When there is too much rain, and flooding is an issue, you may need to move your livestock to higher ground to ensure they are fully protected.

Crop and Livestock Insurance

Crop and livestock insurance is available to protect ranchers and farmers from various types of financial disaster, including weather-related incidents. It is essential to know what types of loss are covered and what needs to be done to prevent various types of loss.

The agents at Outdoor Insurance Services can assist ranchers living in the Woodlands, TX area in getting the right type of coverage to protect their livestock. Don’t wait until a disaster happens! Call and talk to a reputable agent today. We can audit your current farm policy and make sure you are fully covered in every area possible. 

How Distilleries Insurance Protects Your Inventory

One of the growing businesses throughout Texas and the rest of the United States is the opening of distilleries. Creating your own spirits and serving to guests can be a rewarding experience. However, certain expenses come with such business, such as inventory. Distillery Insurance is a critical investment that provides coverage for your product in addition to equipment and liability. Outdoor Insurance Services proudly offers distillery insurance to distilleries in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. 

Inventory Coverage

Like any other business in the restaurant and bar industry, inventory is required for operation, and its protection is as essential as any other coverage offered. Without inventory, a distillery business is not operational. Damages to inventory and theft are some of the unforeseen circumstances around your inventory and they need to be covered. 

Maintaining Equipment

Proper equipment to maintain the quality of your ingredients is essential in your distillery. In the event that your equipment malfunctions or has an accident that causes damage, your equipment and inventory will be covered and eligible to be replaced. Such a policy allows your distillery to continue operations and to serve quality spirits to customers. 


Unfortunately, like any other industry, distilleries can find their business in a situation that requires liability coverage. Liability damages can be costly, and often inventory quality is the first to suffer due to these costs. Because your operation is covered with distilleries insurance, your situation may be covered, and the quality of your inventory will not suffer due to unfortunate circumstances. 

Get Your Policy Today

If you own a distillery and would like you to protect your inventory completely, Contact an agent at Outdoor Insurance Services for a distilleries insurance policy today. With the popularity of distilleries developing in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas, protecting your inventory is essential for your business to be successfully competitive.

Liability Coverage for Wineries

Wineries need the same insurance any business would need to cover potential loss to things like buildings, product, and providing fire protection. Liability is also a concern and is a little different with wineries than a lot of other industries. Outdoor Insurance Services of The Woodlands, TX can help you sort out the best policy for your situation.

What to look for

There could be some liability issues from things like product spoilage or product contamination, which other industries might not have. There are also risks of things like equipment breaking down, bad weather, supply breakdowns and natural events that you don’t have control over.

One might think having wine tastings would be a risk because alcohol is being served. These events are usually well controlled, however, and are not traditionally associated with other events. That makes them less of a liability in most cases.

Working with the wine itself creates a more considerable liability concern. The valuation of the wine, leaking, and mechanical breakdowns could cause problems that could lead to liability. The risk of contamination could cause liability, and though the chances of that are remote, it is a liability issue that should be addressed.

Wineries are a complicated business because in some ways they are several businesses in one. There is the farming operation then there is the winemaking operation, and finally the selling operation. Each of those has its own issues when it comes to insurance. It is good to get insurance from an agency that is familiar with the industry and understands what your needs really are. A company like Outdoor Insurance Services in The Woodlands, TX is a company that understands your needs and can make sure you have the coverage you need. Stop by and visit them to discuss your insurance policy, or visit them online.