A Thorough Overview Of Craft Breweries Insurance

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Craft Breweries Insurance Overview

More craft breweries are starting to emerge throughout Texas. Craft breweries stand out from the crowd due to their unique tastes, aroma, and development process. If you have a craft brewery in The Woodlands, TX area, it’s important that you protect your investment. Craft Breweries Insurance allows you to protect every aspect of your brewery. The policy acts as a safety net if you suffer an unexpected loss. You’ll be covered if your tank explodes or starts leaking. You will also be covered in other parts of your equipment start to break down. There is also the threat of your beverages being contaminated. The policy covers your brewery if an outbreak causes contamination.

Liability coverage is a major asset, especially if you have any tasting rooms that are open to the public or if you are hosting some special events. You will be protected if a patron gets injured while visiting the brewery. Make sure that all of your servers are certified to handle alcohol. It’s important that your employees are protected as well. The policy covers your brewery if one of your employees is injured in the workplace. This is especially important if your employees handle large equipment such as forklifts on a regular basis. You can also amend your policy to cover your business related vehicles as you travel around to different restaurants. The policy protects your business vehicles if they are damaged or stolen.

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